The irrepressible force of nature. The fragility of its precious resources. Carlotha Ray is an unprecedented footwear collection steeped in poetry and grace.

Each Carlotha Ray creation is handmade in Italy, in order to preserve the rich heritage of local communities. These master artisans infuse each peace with their carefully cultivated expertise and passion, thereby elevating and perpetuating their traditional know-how.

Both in materials and manufacturing, Carlotha Ray strives to give new depth to the term ‘sustainable footwear.’ Drawing on the vast natural resources that surround us, this singular collection is created using exclusively locally-sourced, natural materials.

Consciously conceived and handcrafted to respect the people and the planet

From its compostable rubber to its natural dyes obtained from recycled plant materials such as mint, eggshell, rice and plant oils, it truly allows you to feel the earth beneath your feet, each step of the way. All the pieces are 100% vegan and handcrafted in Italy.

The natural rubber comes from a plant-based latex extraction. Natural agents from organic waste production are used to reinforce the latex structure of the shoes. We guarantee a process that fully respects the environment.

Each and every color is naturally dyed using medicinal herbs, flowers, plants such as olive, pomace, artichoke, pepper, pomegranate, almond husk, walnut husk, as well as soil and vegetable carbon.

ECOSATIN, a new environmental-friendly fabric

Carlotha Ray’s products are mainly made of a new generation satin fiber, called Newlife ™ whose provenance is completely traceable and sustainable.

The fabric is entirely made in Italy, through a process that manages to save up to 90% of water and reduce in 60% the energetic consumption when compared to the production of synthetic fabrics.

The Newlife ™ fiber has the following certifications: GRS (Global Recycled Standard) by Textile Exchange, and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.