This season, Carlotha Ray invites you to relish in the pleasures of the southern French countryside. To delicately step through tall stalks of wheat, running your hands along their tips. To lay out upon the grass, observing wildflowers as they bow to the wind. To simply be and let be. With a collection inspired by nature, crafted in a sustainable manner that preserves its beauty, Carlotha Ray seeks to breathe poetry, femininity and elegance into your daily life.

‘But this is the beauty and mystery of life,’ you reflect. ‘Not knowing what will come. Questioning what will be.’ At once invigorating and exhilarating. Frightening and awe-inspiring.

The rough bark of the tree presses against your back, as its lean, elegant branches gracefully outstretch overhead. You gaze up at their shimmering leaves in silent contemplation. A spectacle reserved solely for you. The wind whispers its secrets in your ear, its breath filled with wonder as it carries promises of new landscapes. And you, in search of answers, listen.

Your fingers trace the tender curves of the peach within your hands. As you bite into it, sweet, succulent juice runs down your skin. Lines defined only by gravity, their direction as certain as happenstance… A bit like your own.

You close your eyes and inhale the sweet scent of jasmine lingering in the air. For a time, nothing else exists. Only the gentle kiss of the sun upon your face. The soft caress of the grass against your skin. You and nature. One.