Carlotha Ray expands today its universe into the equally prestigious world of fragrances and remains true to the its values, as it combines the tradition of French haute parfumerie with the sustainable luxury of the brand to create Carlotha Ray fragrances.

Each of the three fragrances, which contains 90% natural-origin materials, takes its inspiration from a moment in Carlotha Ray designer’s day, Mariela Schwarz Montiel, and can be worn individually, layered simultaneously or added one to the other throughout the different instants of the day.

In order to protect natural resources, the Carlotha Ray perfume collection contains up to 20% upcycled fragrance ingredients. The upcycling extraction process uses biotechnology to distil what would be discarded such as lemon peel from the food industry or pine side-stream from the paper industry to create beautiful new scents.

To respect both health and the environment, the three fragrances are free of controversial ingredients and artificial coloring agents.

This astonishingly light perfume bottle is made from high-end glass using 40% recycled glass, including postconsumer
recycled glass and recycled glass from household waste.

Finally, the box is made from Italian FSC certified paper composed of 40% recycled material, 55% pure environmentally friendly fiber and 5% hemp fiber and is 100% recyclable.


Inspired by a morning walk barefoot through the glistening grass and the scorching mate that Mariela has for breakfast in her garden, this scent is a perfect fusion of the drink of her home and the fresh morning dew.

Reminiscent of Mariela’s much-loved relaxing afternoons surrounded by books in her library, this fragrance encapsulates rest and meditation.

This sensual scent – resonant of Mariela’s perfect evening, after an elegant dinner surrounded by roses, crystal glasses and silverware – combines white rose, rose de mai, purple rose and gardenia.