The warmth and comfort of a log fire, the icy snowy cold creeping through the window, the sweet and delicious smell of freshly baked cakes and steaming hot black tea… a multitude of fragrant sensations suggest the atmosphere for this room in Mariela’s home. This special place for Mariela is the inspiration for Myrrhe & Bois Brûlés, as Jean-Michel Duriez evokes this unique setting: “The biting cold creeping through the winter room windows, the comforting burning heat from the log fire, a delightful fusion of cooked apple, frosted aniseed and smoky myrrhe… “ The “cuir de fleur” accord merges with green apple, frozen star anise leaves, ylang-ylang, along with warm notes of myrrh, licorice tea, burnt cade and juniper wood. Bursting with woody and floral notes, this scent combines heat and cold to awaken the senses.